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MADISON COUNTY, Va (WVIR) – A farm in Madison County is now the only beef producer in the state to be certified Animal Welfare Approved.

downloadThe independent label requires the strictest ethical and organic standards in the country. To achieve that label, the cows at Wolf Creek Farm are raised without hormones or antibiotics, eat only grass, and live their entire lives in a pasture.

The most common sound to break the silence day to day at Wolf Creek Farm comes from the hundreds of cattle feasting on the pastures cultivated by owner John Whiteside. He says his operation is the best way to use what nature has to offer.

“The best way we can harness the energy of the sun and improve the health of the planet, is through grazing animals on soil,” Whiteside said.

Farms like Wolf Creek are a rarity, making up less than 10 percent of the beef market.