jamestown_transmission_line_drawing_credit_NPCS_400xvia the Piedmont Environmental Council

When faced with a transmission line proposal, people are left scrambling to protect their homes and community. And the deck is stacked against them.

To help level the playing field, Virginia Delegate Randy Minchew has introduced HB 908, which would:

  • Ensure the State Corporation Commission (SCC) and the power company do a better job at identifying and avoiding impacts to historic, scenic and environmental resources.
  • When impacts cannot be avoided, the commission “shall choose the corridor or route that minimizes such adverse impacts to the greatest extent reasonably practicable.”

Ask your legislators to support HB 908

This legislation is sorely needed to ensure historic, scenic and environmental resources are properly valued in the transmission line permitting process.

Dominion Power (and those happy with the current process) will be working hard to kill this legislation. The bill is slated to be taken up by the Special Subcommittee on Energy on February 9, but it’s important that your legislators hear from you now.