Local Food for Thought

 Friday, February 6th, 2015 7:00-9:00 PM

Madison Presbyterian Church


What’s the difference between soil and dirt? Should I be concerned about GMOs? What is a GMO anyway? Why is organic food so expensive? Why should I buy local food? Is an organic vegetable more nutritious than a non-organic one? What does it mean to say an animal is “humanely raised?”


  • A special 40-minute classroom-style screening of Dirt! The Movie
  • Round-table discussion with local organic farmers
  • Using a brix refractometer to compare nutritional values
  • Healthy snacks (including locally-grown heirloom popcorn!)
  • Structured childcare with fun, educational activities
  • A forum where you can share your ideas and learn from others in your community what all the fuss about local food and farming is about!
Come share your thoughts with others in the local community who care about a sustainable future for our region!