Open to artisans and producers from Madison County and  area counties who make, grow, raise and sell their own craft, product or produce. Demonstration of your craft or product would be a welcomed addition to the festival. Non-Profit & Commercial entities will be permitted in designated areas. Homestead and Hops Festival committee members are solely responsible for the selection of festival participants and their booth locations. Spaces are limited to the first 50 vendors. No vendor is given exclusivity.

Date/Hours: Saturday, October 27 2018 – 11am to 5pm.  Your booth must remain open for the designated hours of operation.

Crafter/Vendor Fee Schedule (per space basis):

ALL RENTAL SPACES ARE $75 per 10×10.

Please Note the Fee Schedule at the end.

Free space is offered to 501(c)(3) nonprofits not doing any sales.

Commercial Space Vendors agreeing to an approved scheduled crafting/skills/homesteading demonstration will receive a $10.00 discount at the close of the event.

Payment Schedule: Full payment with application due by August 31st, 2018. Early bird registration $65 if paid before July 15th, 2018.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Prior to October 1, 2018: Full Refund
  2. After October 1, 2018: NO REFUND

The following rules and schedules must be strictly adhered to:

  • Vendors are to set up from between 8am and 11am on Saturday October 27, 2018. No vehicles will be allowed in the vendor area without prior arrangements with Bald Top Brewing Company. Vehicles will be allowed 30 minutes to unload at the designated vendor spot. The festival will provide a designated parking area for Vendors. Vendors have the must designate that on the application. Vendor remaining after 5 pm may leave at any time after 5 pm but must do so such that it does not detract from the festival.
  • Vendor and parking passes will be mailed out by October 15th 2018.
  • All articles offered for sale must be handcrafted, grown, produced or raised in the Madison region by the exhibitor and must be of a creative nature. No kits, commercially manufactured or bulk-processed articles are permissible.
  • All booths that are not occupied within one half hour of opening the festival will forfeit their booth space and fee. Exhibitors are to ensure that their display is completely set up and ready to sell no later than 12pm.
  • All exhibitors must contain their display, their work, and their storage boxes within the dimensions of the space they rent.
  • Exhibitor’s booths must be of sound construction, canopies anchored, and must in no way obstruct or endanger the neighboring booth areas.
  • Tables must be covered with a tablecloth.
  • If you are having a walk-in booth, you must provide adequate walk-in space within your designated area.
  • Exhibitors are expected to keep their items neatly displayed at all times.
  • Each participant is responsible for following all federal, state, and local regulations and restrictions regarding their individual product
  • Collection of sales tax is the responsibility of the registered exhibitors.
  • Smoking and drinking are not permitted in the exhibition areas.
  • Vendors/demonstrators shall not disassemble, pack up or remove any part of their display prior to the official closing time.
  • No pets. Guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service dogs are allowed
  • Rural Madison Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage to any personal property of any visitors, patrons, exhibitors, vendors or any other person attending the festival, including the parking areas.
  • The event coordinators, festival staff and venue will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items from Vendor booth.
  • The Festival and venue will not be responsible for any additional permits that may be needed on your behalf.
  • Any water, beverages, food, ice etc needed for booth or vendor staff is the responsibility of the Vendor.
  • Please have your booth cleaned and all items removed by 7pm
  • Any liability insurance covering the Vendor and their staff is the sole responsibility of the Vendor.
  • The Vendor spaces are located on grass areas and located throughout the venue. Vendor space shall be allocated by vendor manager.
  • All prepared food vendors must submit with vendor agreement, a current health permit, and a proposed menu along with pricing and must comply with all health department guidelines. The festival will not be supplying wash sinks.