US Post Office Leon, VA 22725

Having already closed 12 Madison County Post Offices (Achsah, Aroda, Aylor, Banco, Criglersville, Etlan, Graves Mills, Haywood, Leon, Madison Mills, Twymans Mills and Woodberry), the United States Postal Service intends to cut hours at the 10 remaining Post Offices (Brightwood, Hood, Locust Dale, Madison, Oakpark, Pratts, Radiant, Rochelle, Syria and Wolftown) from the current 80 down to a total of 34 hours/day, laying off all but 1 Postmaster in the process.  As it currently stands, these changes become EFFECTIVE JANUARY 10, 2015.

With many Rural Delivery addresses and PO boxes still in use, and with limited cell and Internet access due to our mountainous geography, our citizens and small businesses are dependent on traditional services such as package drop-off, shipping supplies, prescription drug and rural package delivery.  Our Post Offices also serve as communication points for our County’s Emergency Management Plan.

While we recognize that certain sacrifices in the name of economic hardship are necessary (and we are willing to do our part), we feel that this one-size-fits-all approach unnecessarily tears at the fabric of our rural way of life while creating unreasonable hardship for our citizens and businesses.

We, the undersigned, implore the US Postal Service not to make the above described cuts to our Post Offices, but rather to work with our local officials and citizens to find a reasonable balance between service and economic considerations, perhaps condensing and combining some of our existing part-time Post Offices into fewer, strategically-located full-time offices.

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