Roots of Change

“The difference between you and the hungry is not production levels; it’s money. There are no hungry people with money; there isn’t a shortage of food, nor is there a distribution problem. There is an I-don’t-have-the-land-and-resources-to-produce-my-own-food, nor-can-I-afford-to-buy-food problem.”

Roots of Change writes

“Must watch talk! It reframes the debate over the future of food and dispels the myth that we will feed 9 billion by expanding industrial agriculture. Addressing poverty and inequality, not expanding yield per acre, are the key issues in the food system. A wonderful factoid from the talk: industrial farmers use 70% of the resources consumed in food production to create 30% of the world’s food, while small holder farmers produce 70% of the world’s food using only 30% of the resources. Fossil fuel for machines, fertilizers and chemicals are resource intensive and the key factor in the difference between the two worlds. This reality clarifies that in a world of global warming and resource depletion, industrial ag will never be able to feed the world. It requires too may resources to produce food.”