Growing Nutrient-Dense Food Is the “Next Big Thing” in the Food Movement

We know everyone is busy this time of year tending their gardens. And we hope that many of you are incorporating some of the new knowledge you learned at the workshop in Madison back in February with Dan Kittredge of the Bionutrient Food Association. We’ve heard of a number of farmers who have gotten a delivery of minerals from the local rock quarry and have already started working those minerals into their gardens.

Back at the workshop, Dan extended an introductory offer for all of us to join the BFA at a special individual membership rate. In other words, even if we have a farm business, for a limited time we can join the association at the individual rate of $50.00 a year.

If you plan to join, now is the time. If we get at least 13 of us from the local area to become members, we have the opportunity to start a Madison and surrounding area local Chapter of the Bionutrient Food Association. That chapter would begin to collect and share data on the various minerals available, and work together to share resources and information about growing nutrient-dense, high quality food that customers are already starting to look for. Demand will only rise as word about the depletion of minerals in our food supply continues to get out.

We’re in a position to be pioneers here, folks. Let’s seize the moment!

If you have already joined the BFA, or when you join, please let us know by email to That way, we’ll know when we have enough local members to apply to establish a chapter here in Madison.

Happy farming, and keep it healthy!