Navigating a Treacherous Landscape:

A Practitioner’s Guide to GAP Food Safety Certification & The Food Safety Modernization Act

Free Webinar
Tuesday August 2, 2016
1:00- 2:00 PM EST


For produce growers, now more than ever food safety certification is a major hurdle to entering and staying competitive in the wholesale marketplace. More and more buyers are requiring 3rd party audits and frequently farmers are left to find their own way through a confusing and complicated food safety landscape. Add to this the implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act and you have a perfect recipe for dismay and misinformation. In this webinar we will attempt to demystify the mysterious, find out what questions farmers and buyers should be asking each other, and answer some of the burning questions about FSMA and food safety audits:

  • Why produce food safety and why now?
  • What is GAP certification?
  • What questions should I ask? – As a farmer or as a buyer
  • What is a food safety standard and how do I know which one to choose?
  • When is a 3rd party audit necessary? Who is qualified to provide the audit?
  • What training do I need?
  • Who has to comply with FSMA and what does it take?
  • What will all this cost me in time and money??
  • Who can I trust?


Presenter Bio

Lindsay Gilmour is the owner of Organic Planet LLC and plays two roles: as a personal chef, and as a food systems consultant. Ms. Gilmour has over 35 years’ experience in the food industry as a chef and adult educator, and 13 years in Value Chain Coordination working with farmers to develop efficiencies and systems to meet the demands of the wholesale marketplace. Her current focus is assisting farmers with food safety compliance. Ms. Gilmour has trained in Produce GAPs Harmonized Food Safety Standards, is qualified as a USDA internal auditor for the Harmonized Standards, is a qualified trainer for the FDA Produce Safety rule, a “qualified individual” under the FDA Preventative Controls for Human Food regulation, and has trained as an internal auditor for ISO 9001-22006 quality management systems for agricultural enterprises. Ms. Gilmour has a particular interest and experience in helping farmers work together to achieve food safety certification. From 2013 to 2015 she managed a Group GAP Pilot in Pennsylvania for Fair Food Philadelphia, successfully shepherding more than 120 Amish and Mennonite farmers through USDA Group GAP certification. She is currently managing a project in Mississippi for the Wallace Center at Winrock International, creating a USDA approved ‘single-entity management’ food safety model as a viable solution for under resourced, small farm cooperatives. She continues to work with farmers and orchardists, individually and in groups, helping them overcome their trepidation and develop food safety programs that make sense for them.