Rural MadisonLocal landowner is seeking a farmer-veteran or young farmer interested in working with (military) veteran interns for creating a small farm business on 40 acres of rent-free land near Charlottesville, VA.

Seeking a Veteran-Farmer to establish farm business on 41 acres in central Virginia, west of Charlottesville. Applicant shall have recent military experience with an honorable discharge, be drug-free and have a comfort level with small-scale farming.

Owner will consider options for farm production from vegetables to small-scale livestock, farmed organically or as close to natural as possible. Ideas for alternate enterprises are also welcome: native plant production, beekeeping,
medicinal and culinary herbs, mushroom cultivation and/or farmed flowers.

Owner will provide free use of the land or minimum-fee lease arrangement. This is not a farm management offer, rather an opportunity for a young farmer/farm couple to build a business on this land and be willing to settle in
the Charlottesville area. Owner is seeking a recent military veteran, but will consider serious offer from others (non-veteran), who may be willing to provide agricultural training for veteran interns at some future date.

Only individuals with experience in farm business and/or farm management will be considered. Candidates should be willing to start-up a farm business, provide a business plan and source labor for creating farm on the land that shall be leased. Must be enthusiastic and demonstrate willingness to work hard. Farmer shall provide own housing, machinery, farm tools, and animals. Owner is open to negotiations on building construction as needed for barn, packing and storage shed, high tunnels and washing station.

An initial two-year lease will be offered with an option to renew for long-term lease agreement. The fine points of lease agreement shall be negotiated between select candidate and owner, including option to live on the land.

Please send cover letter, resume and 2 references (name, phone, and email) to Laura Farrell,